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Brandon's 2015 STI - IAG + ATP + Cobb Flex Fuel

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is a build we recently finished up that exceeded all expectations! This 2015 STI is now sporting an IAG Stage 4 Tuff Closed Deck Shortblock, refreshed heads with BC Stage 2 Cams with valvesprings + retainers, ATP GTX3071 Stock Location Turbo, Tial 44mm EWG, ETS TMIC, Perrin Inlet, AEM CAI, Tomei Header/UP, TBE, ID1300cc injectors with complete fuel rails and FPR, Walbro 450lph fuel pump with hardwire kit, EBCS, OMNI 4 bar MAP sensor, Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, and EQT Custom flex fuel tune using the Cobb AP V3. 

This is the first time we've run this turbo on a car with aftermarket cams, so we were curious to find out what it would do. Since this car now has a very stout IAG shortblock, we were able to really see what this little turbo can do all out. The results really surprised us all as we were able to make over 480whp and over 500ft-lbs of torque on E80! And this is all still on a TMIC! This kind of power used to be reserved for large frame turbos with FMIC's which meant a lot of lag. Instead, this car really has the best of both worlds with incredible spool and response, neck snapping mid range torque, and enough power up top to keep you very firmly pulled into the seat! 

Here is the dyno chart showing 91 Octane at 21psi, and E80 at 27psi:

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  • yes, Is this the GTX 3071 GEN II ?

    john erik on
  • Is this the GTX 3071 GEN II ?

    Sean Davis on

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