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EQT Built 08 STI with Cobb Flex Fuel!

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is an 08 STI we built for a customer about 3 years ago. Once Cobb's incredible new Flex Fuel software came out, this customer decided to upgrade the injectors and tune for flex fuel. This car now has an EQT built block, Tomei UEL header, TBE, ID1000cc injectors, Cobb Intake, Cobb 3-port solenoid, Cobb FPR, Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, DW65c Fuel Pump, TGV Deletes, Air Pump Deletes, Cobb AP V3, EQT Custom Flex Fuel Tune. This car is running 18.5psi on 91 Octane and 24psi on E85. The tune adjusts automatically for ethanol content thanks to Cobb's awesome new software and flex fuel kit!

Here is the map: blue is 91 and red is E80

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