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James's 2013 WRX - Built with Killer-B Spoolinator

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is a really nice 2013 WRX we just finished up. This one has our EQT Stage 2 Shortblock, Killer-B Spoolinator Turbo Kit (Header, UP, DP, Turbo), Grimmspeed TMIC, AMR Inlet, AEM CAI, IAG TGV Deletes, ID1300cc Injectors, EQT Fuel Rail/FPR setup, Walbro 450lph Pump with hardwire, EQT Custom Tune on E85. This tune is only running 23psi peak tapering to 20psi by redline. The tune was kept conservative for track use and to preserve the life of the stock 5 speed.  Even at such low boost levels, however, the car made great power and has very impressive spool and transient response. On the road, it hits 23psi by 3500RPM!


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