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Chad's 2011 STI - Stock Turbo, 91 Octane - 306whp!

Posted by Ed Susman on

This one was a real surprise! I've only seen a couple stock turbo STI's come close to 300whp on 91 Octane, but this one set the new record, hitting a whopping 306whp and almost 340ft-lbs. The amazing part is that it did this at only 18.5psi peak boost.

This car is just a combination of a nice all around setup and a bit of a freak of a stock motor. It has a TBE, Tomei EL Header, Grimmspeed EWG UP, Cobb Intake, DW65c Fuel Pump, and Grimmspeed 3-port EBCS. Along with an EQT custom tune using a Cobb AP V3. The car is in dire need of larger injectors as its completely out of fuel up top, so it actually has even more potential. Here is the dyno chart:

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  • Hi Justin,

    The UP/EWG isn’t really helping much here aside from alleviating any chance of boost creep. I still like and use MBC’s but some customers prefer solenoid/ECU control which I’m happy to tune with as well. The 08+ ECU’s also tend to do a much better job of boost control than previous years, even with a stock solenoid.

    Ed Susman on
  • Awesome Tune Ed! Is the up helping that much? Are you not using MBC any longer :(

    How do STis (ELH) with stock Uppipe do in comparison?

    Justin on

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