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Daniel's 04 STI - FP Black, TMIC, E85 - 470whp!

Posted by Ed Susman on

This 04 STI has a built shortblock, built heads with BC 280 cams, FP Black Turbo, Grimmspeed TMIC, ID2000cc injectors, and a slew of supporting mods. We just rebuilt the tired 6 speed and wrapped up the fuel system with rails, ID2000cc injectors, Walbro 450lph pump with hardwire, and proceeded to tune the car on E85.

With the internal wastegate and TMIC we were only able to run about 24psi peak. But the 280 cams allowed us to still make some great power even at such low boost. The car ended up at 470whp which is amazing for a TMIC. This turbo is definitely good for 500whp!



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