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Dillon's 06 WRX with EQT-18G Turbo!

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is a 2006 WRX we just finished up. The customer wanted to upgrade the turbo to get some more power without sacrificing a lot of response. He wasn't looking for any more than 300whp on pump gas, so we spec'd out our new EQT-18G turbo. This is a TD05-18G with a 7cm exhaust housing which provides excellent spool and transient response while still being capable of making 300whp on 91 Octane. To round out the setup, we added ID1000cc Injectors, an upgraded TMIC, Walbro fuel pump, and boost controller, along with a Grimmspeed UP and EWG. This car was tuned on 91 at 18.5psi peak:

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