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Brett's 2015 STI on E85

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is yet another very nice red 2015 STI that came in for tuning. This car has a Perrin CAI, Nameless TBE, Grimmspeed EWG setup, ID1000cc injectors, DW65c Fuel Pump, and GrimmSpeed MBC. We tuned the car on E85 at 23psi peak. The customer asked for a more aggressive tune for drag racing and we delivered. This is awesome power for the relatively simple setup, and especially so for stock headers!

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  • Just did some real street testing after my trip to EQ yesterday and the car runs great. Made some minor adjustments with the launch control, but with the only difference between this tune and my protune from cobb being a external wastegate the difference is night and day. I would recommend EQtuning to any subie I meet and is wanting to make power, they know their stuff and are well worth the trip. 100 100.

    Brett Lumary on

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