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2010 STI - EQ Built Block, ATP GTX3576 on E85!

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is a 2010 STI we built a few years ago for a customer in Southern California. He changed up the setup and brought it back up for a retune on E85. Here are the mods:

EQ Stage 2 Shortblock

EQ Stage 2 Heads + Cosworth Cams

ATP Stock Location GTX3576 w/ EWG

Custom FMIC

ID1700CC Injectors, Dual Pumps

EL Header, Full TBE

EQ Speed Density Tune with Cobb AP - 25psi tapering to 22psi:


This turbo is larger than I generally like to run in the stock location because the same turbo in a rotated configuration spools faster and doesn't have the top end drop off like this. But the overall power is very impressive and the car feels really nice driving around and has loads of power throughout! The ID1700 injectors also add to the great drivability and idle. 

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