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2015 STI Breaks our Subaru Dyno Record!

Posted by Ed Susman on

We broke our Subaru dyno record!

This is a well set up car running a PTE6466 on E85. This run was at 40psi peak tapering to 37psi by 8000RPM.

The fuel labs fuel pump was totally out of flow, so we ended up backing it off about 50whp for now. But once the customer upgrades the pump, we can turn it back up and see how it does holding 40psi to redline.

The 2 charts are showing the same run under the two different dyno calibrations. The lower numbers are Mustang calibration using a .85 correction factor and the higher numbers are the native Dynocom calibration. So that's 720 real deal heart breaker whp!


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