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2015 GTI with Stage 2 + IS38 Turbo + EQT Custom Tune

Posted by Ed Susman on

We just had the pleasure of tuning this 2015 GTI. The car has a tasteful set of bolt-on mods including Bull-X Dowpipe, APR Intake, FMIC, and the IS38 Turbo from the Golf R. We performed a custom tune using the Cobb AccessPort. The car ended up making excellent power and ton of torque throughout the powerband. Although the first two gears are basically useless, once you hit 3rd, the car really pulls smooth and hard all the way to redline. Here are the results of the EQT Custom Tune on 91 Octane (27psi peak tapering to 22psi):

Mustang Dyno Calibration (Low Reading):

And here is the native Dynocom dyno calibration that reads similar to a Dynojet:

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  • Awesome tune! Killing it Ed!!!

    Karl on

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