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2014 GT-R - FBO + Flex Fuel

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is a nice 2014 GT-R that came in nearly stock. We installed a basic FBO setup consisting of Armitrix Downpipes, Mid Pipe, Exhaust, AMS Carbon Fiber Intakes, ID1050x Injectors, DW300c Fuel Pumps, and our EQT Spec Flex Fuel System. We then tuned the car using the Cobb AP V3. This was a particularly gifted car as it easily and consistently made great power. I actually had to work to de-tune torque on E85 to keep it in the same range for the stock rods. 

Here's the dyno showing 91 Octane and E80, both at 19psi peak:

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  • Most cars with this setup make around 280-290whp. This one was actually making around 610 but I dialed it back for safety.

    Ed Susman on
  • You mentioned that this car is gifted. What is the normal gains with the same setup? 600hp? on

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