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2014 AutoX GT-R

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here's a 2014 GT-R that is a dedicated Auto-X car. The car has a very minimalistic setup including intakes, injectors, and EQT custom tune using Ecutek RaceRom. This car still retains the factory downpipes, midpipe, and exhaust.

Since the car is only used for auto-x events, the customer decided to tune it on 100 octane. This is the first time I've tuned a GT-R with all stock exhaust hardware on a high octane fuel. The results were quite impressive as this is a good 150whp over stock power levels! 

Of course this tune focused on smooth, consistent power, along with some customer features. We set this car up to allow the driver to choose between several boost profiles for 1st and 2nd gear on the fly. This allows the driver to adjust the low gear power levels to match the varying traction conditions at different events. The customer was very pleased and proceeded to run the fastest time at an event the very next day!

Here's the dyno chart at 17.5psi:

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