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2013 WRX - EQT Stage 2+ Flex

Posted by Ed Susman on

This is a 2013 WRX running a nice combination of our Stage 2+ mods along with Cobb's Flex Fuel Kit. The entire setup consists of:

Invidia Turbo-Back Exhaust
Tomei Equal Length Header/UP
Process West TMIC
TurboSmart Kompact BPV
AEM Cold Air Intake
ID1050X Injectors
DW65c Fuel Pump
Cobb Flex Fuel Kit
Cobb AccessPort V3
SouthBend Clutch
EQT Flex Fuel Custom Tune

This one made especially impressive power for the setup and is now one of the highest horsepower stock turbo cars we've tuned. Here are the charts of the car on 91 Octane at 19psi and E80 at 22psi:

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