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Tristen's 2015 STI with EQT Stage 2 Plus

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is another nice 2015 STI. The customer brought it in bone stock and had us install and tune our EQT Stage 2 Plus Power Package. This consists of an Invidia Turbo-Back Exhaust, Tomei Equal-Length Header and Up-Pipe, AEM CAI, DW65c Fuel Pump, Cobb AccessPort V3, and EQT Custom Tune. This is my favorite all around bolt-on setup and consistently produces excellent results. This one is on 91 Octane, running 19psi peak tapering to 14psi by redline. It hit the magic 300whp number along with loads of mid range torque. The customer is going to be back for a Cobb flex fuel setup soon!

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