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Bob's EQT Built Stock Turbo GT-R Runs 9's!

Posted by Ed Susman on

Bob's goal was to hit 9's in the 1/4 mile running the stock turbos in his 2010 GT-R. His car has been in the low 10's for a couple years now with the stock transmission and stock engine as the limiting factors. So we rebuilt the engine with Manley rods and pistons while Shep worked his magic on a stage 2 transmission build. 

The rest of the setup was unchanged and consists of the Speed By Design 700 Package (SBD Downpipes, SBD Exhaust, Bosch 1150cc injectors, SBD Intakes, SBD Inlets, Denso Fuel Pumps) along with an ETS Street Intercooler. The car is also running SBD coilovers and the FFT Wheels Drag Pack with drag radials. Thanks to SBD for always providing quality parts!

After breaking in the new engine and transmission, we tuned the car on E85 to about 610whp. Bob had 2 different track rentals scheduled that both got rained out. So we ended up going to a test and tune event to start dialing the car in. On the first time out, the car was consistently running 10.0's in 87F weather. Bob waited until the temps came down a bit in the evening and managed this 9.97 pass! We were all thrilled with the results especially considering the conditions and that we didn't have to run the slicks yet.

Next time out we're hoping for better track prep, better weather, and we'll try out the slicks to get deeper into the 9's!

Big congratulations and thanks to Bob for having us build this car and achieving 9's on the stock turbos! 

Here is the time slip and video:

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