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Mark's 2010 STI - EQT-SL400 Turbo Upgrade, Cobb Flex Fuel!

Posted by Ed Susman on

Here is Mark's 2010 STI with about 90k miles on the stock engine. We've been working on and tuning this car for the last 60k miles of its life and despite the customer always wanting to go aggressive on the tuning, the engine is still very healthy and running strong!

For this round of upgrades, we installed our EQT-SL400 Turbo upgrade, ID1300cc Injectors, Cobb EBCS, Cobb Flex Fuel Kit, and Cobb FPR Kit. The car also has a TBE, Tomei UEL Header, AEM CAI, GrimmSpeed TMIC, and an RPS Clutch. Today we tuned the car at 24psi on E85 and 20psi on 91 Octane using a Cobb AP V3 and Cobb's awesome flex fuel software. I am very happy to see our smaller 20G turbo making nearly 400whp while also providing near stock spool characteristics... and all on a stock engine with 90k miles! This is a really great setup for an all around street car with excellent drivability and response and tons of power everywhere.

Here is the dyno chart of the car on E80 and on 91 Octane (E10):


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