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EQT Now Carries and Installs IAG Built EJ25 Shortblocks!

Posted by Ed Susman on

We are happy and proud to announce that we have partnered with IAG Performance to extend and transform our engine program. IAG has developed some of the best closed deck conversions available and have geared up to do all machining and assembly in house. They have gained an impressive reputation for their quality and attention to detail in producing the best built EJ25 blocks out there. By moving their operation fully in house, they have also been able to offer this incredible quality at a very competitive price point. This is a real win-win for the end consumer!

When we see this kind of combination of quality and price point, we always make every effort to offer such options to our customers. So we met with IAG and spent quite a bit of time developing a strategic working relationship that would benefit everyone including our loyal customer base. As a result, we now offer all of IAG's staged short blocks as well as many custom options that will be done at our request. This effort will result in our customers receiving the best final product and price, as well help to streamline our build process. This means less wait and less down time!

We still offer in house short block builds for select situations and applications, but most of the blocks we will be installing now will be coming from IAG. We have started adding these options to our online store. Please check them out Here. Also please feel free to contact us for any questions, customization of blocks, and full build quotes.

Here are some pictures of IAG's beautiful new blocks:



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