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Drag Strip - July 17, 2015

We had recently finished another EQT GT-R Build and decided to take it to the strip to see what it would do.

This is a 2013 GT-R that we built from scratch here at EQ Tuning. This car is running an EQT Block, T1 Heads, ETS 35R Turbo Kit, Jack's Transmission, and a slew of supporting mods.

We finished the build and tune, hitting a new dyno record of 1175whp! On the first trip to the track, we managed to hit an 8.85 @ 165mph with a DA of over 1600ft and very poor track prep. This car is still on drag radials, so it is very traction limited, as you can see in the video:

Next time out we're hoping for better conditions and we'll be shooting for an 8.6 with no changes to the setup. After that, we'll see what slicks will do!

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- EQT Coilovers now available for BRZ/FR-S and Subaru WRX/STI!

- EQT Turbo now available for Subaru WRX/STI!

Please call or e-mail for details!

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We had another track outing with the shop BRZ. This time we went down to Buttonwillow Raceway to join the 86Cup and learn the track. I had never stepped foot on this track before, so I spent the first half of the day figuring things out, dialing in the car and my driving.

Considering the lack of experience here, we weren't expecting much in terms of results. But by session 4, I was able to knock out a 1:56.9 lap. This was good for the fastest lap all weekend, but I knew there was still a lot of time to make up. Unfortunately in session 5 I got a bit too agressive and spun the car. I still managed to hit a 1:56.2 in that session but the video stopped recording. Either way, we were all thrilled with the results and had another great day at the track.

The best part is that we drove this BRZ 5 hours to and from Buttonwillow... no trailer queen here!