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Drag Strip - March 7, 2015

Another trip to the drag strip and more personal bests for EQ customers!

Congratulations to Michael for knocking another 2/10ths off his personal best with this blistering 8.7 second 1/4 mile pass! The best part is that he demonstrated the true street nature of this car by driving it to and from the track with zero issues.

We are now really getting to the limits of the drag radial tire setup and will be playing with the car to get more traction in the future. Check out his nice clean pass:

Another big congratulations to Christian for hitting his new personal best of 9.27! Not bad for a "small turbo" car!

Finally congratulations to Bob for hitting a 10.33 in his stock turbo 2010 GT-R!

There is more in store! Bob's ETS GTX35R build is under way and we have a 4.1l Stroker coming together at the sime time!

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- Cobb and Ecutek Flex Fuel Tuning Now Available for all GT-R's!

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We had a great day at Sonoma Raceway with SpeedSF! This was my first real time driving on this track and we had also made a few changes to the car, so I wasn't expecting much in terms of lap times. We were also running with a serious line up of Porsche's, GT-R's, and many other very fast cars. But after a couple sessions and a few adjustments to the car, we managed to run a 1:49.5 lap which ended up being the fastest lap all day and the new Speed SF track record for the OMG class. We were all thrilled to say the least!

Check out the in-car video from the Time Trial session where we set the fast lap and also chase down a couple Porsche's.